I’m Michael, a 62-years-young male.

I recently decided to move from the 230 lb. weight class to 185 lbs. And no, I’m not an athlete, unless bowling counts.

But I did receive a couple of wake up calls recently. One of them was finding it necessary to admit the need to wear a 38 slacks size. Another was getting an insultingly-loud laugh from someone after I told them my plans to drop to 185. Both of those qualified as my GIFDA moments. Or basically, when enough was enough.

I had a similar epiphany-like moment just before I quit smoking for good, almost 8 years ago now. Nothing is impossible.

In addition to an approximate 45-pound loss in weight, is to find the easiest, most successful method(s) along the way and share my findings.


And I plan to share everything.

From “photography-as-truth” snapshots, to facts, to rumors, and ideas. From achievements and setbacks to recipes and food logs. From exercise trips and tribulations, to ultimately achieving my 185 lb. goal.

You’ve been forewarned. And invited, to join me on my journey.

I’ll be tweeting from @to185, so join me there as well. [twitter source=”to185″]